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General Description:
Towny is a plugin on our server that allows you to protect land and your possessions through the creation of a town. Within the town boundary only you and the players you add to your towny can modify blocks there. You can also create plots in your town for residents as well as non-residents to build and place their items in.

Towns will cost 1,000 in-game dollars to create and are taxed 100 in-game dollars every 24 hours. Plots by default are 16x16 from Bedrock to the limit in the sky. Within your town you are also given the ability to toggle features like Fire Spreading, TNT exploding (explosions), outsider access, and Mob Spawning. This will help you create XP farms within your town for community or just Mayoral access.

Towny Commands:
/town new (name): Create a town at your current location ($1,000)
/town delete: Delete your town. (withdraw all $ from bank before deleting)
/town spawn: Teleport yourself to your town. (works for all residents)
/town deposit (amount): Deposit money into your town bank to pay for taxes.
/town withdraw (amount): Withdraw money from your town bank.
/town claim: Claim more land for your town.
/town claim auto: Claim land for your town while walking around.
/town claim outpost: Teleport to one of your outposts.
/town buy bonus (amount): Buy extra claim blocks for your town.
/town add: invite a player to your town.
/town kick: Remove a player from your town.
/town set perm: View the town permissions you can change.
/town set homeblock: Change the spawn point for your town.
/town toggle: View what you can toggle in your town.
/town rank add (name) (rank): Rank up one of your town residents.
/plot set (plot type): Set the chunk you’re standing on into a plot for your residents, outsiders, ambassadors, etc to build on.

Plot Types:
Normal: Plot for a town resident to claim for building.
Shop: Allows you to create a shopping mall/district for town residents to build shops.
Embassy: Lets players who aren’t residents of your town to create a plot within your town.
Arena: Keeps PVP on within its plot area for players to fight amongst each other.
Wilds: Allows your town residents to build freely, best used for communal farms and mines.