Avatar Bending

Avatar Bending
How to bend the elements:
Depending on the element you choose. There is a wide variety of skills or moves that you may utilize. When you are confused on how to use said bending abilities, simply type /bending help (element) or /bending display (element). This will pop up a guide in-game on what abilities you have.

For example, if you are an Earth Bender. And you want to know how to use Earth Shard. Just type /bending help EarthShard. Text will appear on your screen how to use that ability.

To save an ability to your hot-bar you must simply type /bending bind (ability) (hot-bar number). This will bind the ability to your hot-bar allowing you to use that ability every time you have that specific number equipped.

Finally, to see the combos that your element can utilize type in-game /bending display (element combos).

For example, if you are an Earth Bender. You would type /bending display EarthCombos.

Earth Bending:
After following all the commands above you will now have the abilities you wish to use added to your hotbar. However, that does not let you bend the elements. There are mechanics that need to be used that in turn will actually bend the elements.

  • EarthBlast
EarthBlast is the most basic offensive move in an EarthBender's arsenal. This move will lift an earth bendable object out of the ground and fling it at your target. This move has high accuracy and can take someone without armor out in just a few hits. Damage configurable.
To use this look at a bendable earth block and shift. Then punch at the target.

  • Catapult
An EarthBender can use the Catapult ability as a defensive mechanism, an offensive attack, or a form of transportation. The EarthBender will use this ability to propel himself up or forward (or both). Allowing temporary flight, access to higher places otherwise difficult to access, and a fun way to travel. You can also use this ability to catapult others. To use this, shift on a bendable block and release. This will throw you in the air.
  • EarthArmor
EarthArmor gives the EarthBender that extra protection that goes a long way. This is the most defensive technique of an EarthBender. When used it will give the EarthBender some Armour for a configurable amount of time. While the Armour is on, the EarthBender will take significantly less damage. It has a relatively long cooldown by default. To use this, shift looking at a bendable block and it will give you armor.
  • EarthGrab
EarthGrab is a utility move that can be used with an offensive move to harm your opponent. EarthGrab will bring up walls of earth around an opponent, trapping them and allowing an EarthBender to move in for the kill. To use this, punch at your target and it will hold them in place.
  • EarthTunnel
EarthTunnel is a handy utility ability that allows earthbenders to excavate more efficiently by burrowing into the earth. This ability is practical for reaching lower levels, escaping mobs, or putting a sinkhole under the opponent. To use this, shift and look in the direction you want to tunnel.
  • RaiseEarth
RaiseEarth can be used as a utility, offensive, or defensive move. This ability allows an EarthBender to either create a large wall of earth or just make a column. This ability can be used to boost the EarthBender up, used to shield against attacks or could even be used to suffocate enemies. To use this, shift and it will raise a wall or column where you are looking.
  • Collapse
Collapse is an EarthBending ability that will bring down walls, columns, any other floating blocks. If there is space for the block to go down, it will go down. The ability has the possibility of trapping someone underground, although it is extremely difficult to use offensively. This is more of a utility than anything else. If you use RaiseEarth, you should use this move as they go hand in hand.
  • Shockwave
Shockwave is one of the strongest moves in an EarthBender's arsenal. A shockwave can create an enormous disturbance in the earth, causing damage to the land and nearby entities. Anything caught inside of the shockwave will be blasted back and dealt damage. This ability can be used to focus a shockwave in one specific direction or in all directions. To use this, you must look at bendable blocks and hold shift. Then particles will appear, when the particles appear you may release shift and the ability will trigger.
  • Tremorsense
Tremorsense is a utility ability that enables EarthBenders to 'see' in dark locations while in contact with earth blocks and allows them to feel the earth for caverns and alcoves under their feet. This is a passive ability and automatically happens in the dark.

Water Bending:

  • WaterManipulation
This ability is one of the most fundamental ones available to a WaterBender. It allows them to send a spout of water off in any direction to any target. This attack will slice any creature it hits, also if it is directly targeted at an enemy, it will auto aim and attack that enemy. This ability can also be directly manipulated by the WaterBender so they can control it.
  • WaterSpout
WaterSpout is a WaterBending ability that creates a spout of water beneath the bender. This is a useful ability allowing WaterBenders to reach higher places and gain a height advantage in combat. This ability can only be used over Water Bendable blocks. WaterSpout may also be used to allow a bender to create a wave to ride upon for quick transport.
  • Water Bubble
WaterBubble is a utility ability that allows you to do exactly as the name implies, create a Bubble underwater. This will allow you an infinite amount of air while the bubble is on, great for building underwater, mining underwater, etc.
  • Torrent
This ability is one which comes with two functions to which can help a WaterBender in battle or launch the opponent away to give the WaterBender a chance to make an escape. With this ability the WaterBender can send a stream of water at an enemy to do them damage and/or freeze them. The second function of this ability is where the WaterBender can send an ever expanding circular wall of water to blast away enemies from the vicinity.
  • Surge
This ability actually comes with two abilities making it very useful as it can be both offensive and defensive. The offensive function is where the WaterBender can create a large wave to launch at enemies and this wave can even be turned to ice once it hits the enemy to freeze them. The defensive function to this ability is the shield. This shield can be created to guard against enemy attacks, it can be switched between water and ice.
  • OctopusForm
Another ability good for both defense and offense, OctopusForm can be a powerful move in both circumstances. A waterBender can create a multi-tentacle form that blocks some attacks, and can reach out to damage opponents. For all the perks of this move, it also severely impairs mobility, meaning that if you are facing a nimble foe it can cause you to become vulnerable. This ability does not block all attacks and thus should not be heavily relied on.
  • HealingWaters
Healing Waters is an ability available to WaterBenders to channel their energy into the water to heal burns and wounds and such. WaterBenders have become renowned as great healers for they can not only heal themselves, but others too.

Fire Bending:

  • FireBlast
FireBlast is a basic ability to be used by a FireBender. It is simply where the FireBender launches blasts of fire from their fists. This ability can also be charged for a more powerful FireBlast attack.

  • Blaze
Blaze is one of the more offensive and more dangerous attacks of a Firebender. If not careful, a Firebender could easily damage not only the targeted creature, but himself, other players, and the terrain around him with the click of a button. This ability is supposed to be used carefully, and should not be used lightly.
  • FireBurst
FireBurst is a very powerful firebending ability. When this ability is charged, the bender can either launch a cone shaped blast of flames in front of them, or launch a burst in the shape of a sphere around them. This move is very dangerous, and should be used with care. The bender must be careful when using these abilities as it requires time to charge.
  • FireJet
Firejet is one of the key utility moves to a Firebender. A Firebender can use this ability to propel themselves forward, launch themselves to high places, or just as a quick burst of levitate. If this ability is used mid-air, it will stop fall damage.
  • FireShield
Fireshield is an ability that is used by the Firebender to shield him/herself from enemy attacks. This ability creates a dome of fire around the player and will block most attacks shot at it and also ignite any opponent whom tries to enter the shield. A second function to this ability is where if the bender creates a small disc shield that lasts for 1-2 seconds giving time to escape a fight or quickly block and attack. This is a strong ability but it is not impervious to everything.
  • HeatControl
HeatControl is one of the main utility abilities of a firebender. While selected, the firebender becomes impervious to fire damage and cannot be ignited. It gives the bender the power to extinguish large areas of fire or melt any meltable blocks around them. Additionally, it can also cool lava, turning it into obsidian.
  • Illumination
This ability is one that allows a Firebender to illuminate a dark area using their Firebending. This ability is good and useful for those who want to go mining because it takes away the tedious need to make torches. It is also good for those who like to go exploring, so when it turns night time they have a source of light to battle the darkness.
  • WallOfFire
Wall of fire could be classed as more of a defensive Firebending ability. The ability just creates a wall of fire that ignites any one/thing that walks through it. It will also stop any projectiles shot at it.

Air Bending:

  • AirBlast
AirBlast is one of the most fundamental abilities available to Airbenders. An AirBlast is capable of extinguishing fires on the ground and on other players, creating large knockbacks, flipping levers, activating buttons, and enabling quick travel for Airbenders.
  • AirBurst
AirBurst is one of the most powerful moves available in an Airbender's arsenal. This ability can be used to create a large sphere of air to knock back nearby opponents around you, or a large cone to knock back those in front of you. Additionally, if an airbender falls from a great height with this ability bound, they will unleash an AirBurst around them.
  • AirScooter
AirScooter provides the Airbender with a quick means of transportation while in-game. This ability can be used to levitate above liquids, but is limited in going up steep slopes.
  • AirShield
AirShield is one of the most powerful defensive techniques available in the plugin. The ability creates a whirlwind of air around the player, with a small pocket of safe space in the center. The wind will deflect all projectiles and will prevent any creature from entering it so long as the shield is maintained.
  • AirSpout
AirSpout is an ability available to Airbenders that will allow the player to have limited sustained levitation. When this ability is on, it will create a whirling spout of Air beneath you, that you can control and move as you like. Similar to the ability WaterSpout.
  • AirSuction
AirSuction is a move similar to AirBlast. However, instead of pushing, it's used to pull enemies closer.
  • AirSwipe
AirSwipe is one of the few deadly abilities the Airbender has to offer. This ability allows them to channel the air into a sweeping motion to slice enemies. It does small damage but in quick rapid attacks can do a lot of damage. This move has been used numerous times in the show where Avatar Aang uses it in fights with his enemy.
  • Tornado
Tornado is a useful skill for airbender that creates a vortex of Air around the user. The player can stay center in the tornado while all other players or mobs are pushed back.