NEWS We are finally back


Server Owner
Hello everyone!
I am happy to say that after several weeks of downtime and hard work we are finally back! As you mentioned in the previous post, Tropebay has been in the process of merging with another Avatar community and giving Survival a major update.

Major Survival Update
A lot have been added, removed and tweaked. Including the introduction of Slimefun, rankups and The End. The first thing you will notice is the beautiful Christmas Spawn and brand new limited Chirstmas items added, which can be obtained in the advent calendar and Christmas crate. There is a Full Changelog spoiler underneath, make sure to read everything as there are plenty of changes.

• New rules for Anti-AFK farms and machines. (Rule S12)
• Added Land upkeep, will cost $500 for per chunk every 48 hours.
• Added new Job system, with Job quests, shop, and more.
• Added Elytra and Dragon egg to Jobs shop.
• Added word unscrambler that starts at 15+ players.
• Added a brand new Autorankup system.
• Added Christmas Spawn.
• Added Slimefun and LiteXpansion.
• Added Santa hat and Santa emoji.
• Added limited Santa tools and Frost tools.
• Added Christmas crate.
• Added Advent calendar.
• Added Custom Enchantments.
• Added The End, have to be Level 2 to access.
• Added a starter welcome kit.

• Shady Trader now generates 6 items everyday instead of 3.
• Several ranks recolored, utilizing the new RGB colors.
• You will no longer be forced to download the server resource pack.
• You can now be trusted in unlimited lands instead of 10.
• You will now timeout after being AFK for 15 minutes.
• Iron Golems will now drop Iron Ingots and Poppies like normal.
• Piglins will now drop Gold Ingots like normal.
• New land claims will now cost $1,500 and increase by $1,000 for each chunk.
• Changed DailyQuests for 1,000 new permanent Quests.
• Removed blackmarket.
• Everyone can now use sit.
• Everyone can now create unlimited auctions in the auction house.
• Incresed homes for donators.
• Increased vote reward to 2 keys for every 4th vote.
• Removed Elytra and Dragon heads from Crates.

Bug Fix
• Fixed a few formatting issues.
• Fixed a bug with chestshops

New Avatar Gamemode
The Avatar server is a completely fun and different concept than what we normally work with and play. This is a server-based off of Avatar The Last Airbender. We have put a lot of time and effort into creating the best experience possible for this new gamemode. We are going to be taking an RP (Role Play) approach to this gamemode. For general rules or information on how that is going to work, please check On the Avatar server, you will be able to join a nation that was in the Avatar The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra show. Nations are the Fire Nation, Water Tribe, Earth Kingdom, Air Nation, and Republic City. You can also choose to be a bender like in the show as well. This means you can choose to be a Fire Bender, Earth Bender, Water Bender, Air Bender, or Chi-Blocker. For information on how to bend, please check out

Finally, on the Avatar server. There are Nation leaders. Nation Leaders are special people that have a significant role on how the server is developed and how the nations are developed as well as run. Every 2 months we will allow Nation Leaders to retire, chance to be assassinated, or re-run for election. This is such a unique feature and we are so excited to see it play out.

Happy holidays! ❤