NEWS Valentine's Update


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Ahoy pirates!
The Valentine's update is finally here and it comes with loads of goodies! We do apologize for the several hours of downtime, however, there were important issues that had to be solved to ensure you have the best experience! In our next big update, we are hoping to bring Dungeons, as you've never seen! Stay tuned. 👀

I am also very delighted to announce our weekly Saturday event is starting from next Saturday (20th February)! First of all, what is Saturday Fun? Saturday fun is our weekly Saturday event that involves a bunch of different games, such as Spleef, Parkour, Labyrinth, and Storagehunt. During this event, you will have the opportunity to win unique prices, exclusive prices and spend some of your cash on Lockers.
Full thread here:
- Added Minecraft chat to Discord
- Added Valentine's Crate
- Added Slimefun Addons: Colored Ender Cheests & Dyed Backpacks
- Added new Media rank (Requirements can be found on the wiki)
- Added Cupid Wings
- Added Heart Breaker Pickaxe
- Added Cupid Hat
- Added Custom Texture for Crates
- Added Nitro Booster rewards: Icons, Nitro Booster Emoji & Daily Rewards (More to come)
- Added Nitro Booster emoji :nitroicon:
- Added Heart Trail particles
- Added Heart Spin particles
- Added Heart Arrow particles
- Added Pink Glow

- Changed spawn theme to Valentine
- Removed stacking fro these mobs: Cow, Sheep, Chicken, Pig
- Increased prices for all items in the job points shop
- Re-enabled custom mobs with a lower spawn rate to test for lag
- Increased the bank interest rate to %5
- Mod rank color changed to blue
- New custom esc menu
- Hunter job will now go back to its normal earnings

Bug Fixes
- Fixed bug where you could open the bank for other players
- Fixed bug where mobs from spawners weren't registered as spawner entities
- Fixed the repair relic bug where the relic didn't disappear after use

If you do come across errors and bugs, make sure to either report it here on the forums or open a ticket on our Discord!
Valentine sale have started in our store, gives you 20% OFF everything. Ends February 21stt.

Valentine's Spawn 😻

Valentine's Crate ♥
There has arrived a massive heart in Spawn with the crates area, including a brand new Valentine's Crate which will be available until February 21st. This crate includes limited items which you will only be able to get during this Valentine period, once gone you will have to wait until next years Valentine time. Check out crate here:!

Valentine sale have started in our store, gives you 20% OFF everything. Ends February 21stt.