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Hello! Listed below is some information on what we look for in our staff members! For the best success in your application, we highly suggest participating in everything listed below!


A major factor that plays on your application is how well the community knows you and how active you are. If you are not active, the chances the community knows you are slim to none. No matter the qualifications you may have to be a staff member on our server, if you do not play or are not active, then we simply cannot give you the title of staff. We require that our staff play AT LEAST 1-2 HOURS A DAY to remain staff on our server.


If you have ever been punished on our servers your chances will probably be slim to be accepted. We want our staff to have a clean slate. This shows us that you have been mature enough on your time with us and you understand the rules enough to enforce them. It also loses your trust with the staff members, if you have been punished by them they probably are going to be wary about allowing you to become staff members because of your past history. It is vital that our staff members do not have a current punishment history!


Activity on the forums is not required, however, it would help your application out tremendously if you have been on our forums for at least 1 week and are familiar with how it works. Helpers and Mods need to know the basics of the forums or they will not know how to correctly respond to community members correctly or efficiently. It also saves staff the headache of trying to explain how to use the forums.

Forums are a little more complicated than people realize and there is actually a lot of work behind it all. For our server to look professional and organized, we really would like our staff members to know how to use them and format posts correctly.


If your application has been submitted and you have shown immature actions or attitudes towards community members or staff members, your application will be denied. We want our staff to show maturity and respect to other players in the community if you cannot prove you are able to do this when you are not a staff member. You are not ready to be a staff member with us.

If you ask a staff member to look at your application after you submitted it, it will be denied. If you cannot show enough maturity or patience to not ask when you were told not to. Then you will not be accepted and you will have to wait a while before you can apply again. Also, if your application is not filled out properly or there are immature remarks made on the application, you will be denied. We take these things seriously and we do not want to have people who weren't even mature enough on their application to be staff members.

A Few Things That Catch Staff Eye:

When applying with us, what we look for is what you have done for the server. It doesn't have to be anything huge. But maybe helping a few players here and there will catch staff's eye. Helping people not by giving them money or items, but more helping them with commands or more technical related issues.

Another thing that could be negative when applying is excessively helping or suggesting staff to do something. We do not like getting annoyed because of your obsession with helping people so you can "have a better chance of becoming a staff member".

Another major thing that catches staff member's eyes is how you report people and how many times your reports have been successful. Now, this doesn't mean going around reporting people, but it does mean if you see something to say something. This makes our community a safer place and more fun for others because the playing fields are level!

Good luck with your application, and as always, thanks for reading!
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