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Hello again everyone! We are also excited to introduce our favorite event Saturday Fun! This event will be held every Saturday at 3 PM EST, and it involves a Spleef, Parkour, The Labyrinth, and Storage Hunt. (Storage Hunt inspired by the original Storage Hunters on TV.)
Location: /warp Pyramid

Timetable (PM) Eastern time:
3.00 - 3.15
Spleef: 3.20 - 3.50
Parkour: 3.55 - 4:15
Storage Hunt: 4.20 - 5.00

Prizes, rules, and winners will be announced before each game start.

The Labyrinth:
The Labyrinth is basically parkour that is created by the staff team. Players will be given a time limit to find the hidden pressure plate to complete said labyrinth. The time frame we are going to give players to find the pressure plate will most likely be around 15 minutes-20 minutes. Players will be competing for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. If players fail to complete the labyrinth in the given 15-20 minutes will be teleported out and will not be able to finish.

This event I am sure you all have heard of! Every player who wishes to participate will be allowed to. However, there will only be 1 winner in this event. Towards the end of the event (as there will be multiple rounds). Players may donate money if they so choose to put into a pot. Whoever wins will get all of that money and possibly a rare item if they win. Time frames for how long we will host this event are still being decided on as well.

This game is quite straight forward, there is a start and finish line of the parkour. The goal is to make it to the finish line as quickly as possible! We switch up the parkour every week, so come well prepared. Players will compete for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places.

Storage Hunt:
Players have to bid on "lockers". There will be 8 lockers for players to bid on. Each locker is about 6X4 wide and 5 blocks high. Each locker will be open one by one to reveal chests. However, no one will know what are in those chests unless they decide to bid on the locker and win the bid. This is somewhat of a game of luck, as players are not aware of what they are buying until they have won the bid and will be given access to the chests after the event. The time frame and prizes are still being decided on this as well.

We are so excited to bring this event to the community as it will be such a great way to get the community together and it is unique to our server! If you have any suggestions, as always, leave one in the suggestions page on the forums or message me privately on Discord via Forums! ♥
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