NEWS Release Date


Server Owner
Ahoy pirates! There has been a lot of development done in the last couple of days and I am excited to announce that we finally have a release date for the server! The server will be released on October 16th Friday 3 PM EST! 🎊

(Old image of spawn)

Now, what type of server will this be and what can you expect?
This will be a Survival server running the latest Minecraft version 1.16.3. We will not be running the common Towny plugin, however, we will be running something quite similar with a familiar concept, plugin known as Lands. The reason why we picked to go with this one is mainly due to the unique features that it offers over the Towny plugin, constant updates, non-chunk-based sub-claims, GUI based which makes it easier to work with, and many more other features.

Our main focus will definitely be around 3D Models, resource packs, events, and custom unique features, trying to make the server feel like a mod pack whilst maintaining the standard Vanilla aspects of Minecraft. A lot of developers have been brought on board to fulfill your community suggestions and ideas for the future. Come with all suggestions here.

Don't want to give away too much, the rest will be definitely a surprise. Will, of course, be more sneak peeks from the server on our Discord before release! Thank you for your patience, been a long ride but we're almost there, hang tight! ♥