I'll jump on with Scurvy! Who am I? (Thenny)


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  • My IGN is Thenny
  • My real life name is Rolf J
  • I'm 18 years of age.
  • I live in the Scandinavian country of Norway.
  • Right now I am studying to become and chef, but might go for Truck driving later. Big fan of trucks. I live by my self and have a pretty exciting life among other things.
  • I like a lot of stuff, I know how to drive trucks, make actuall food, game and learn new stuff in general. I got an interest in almost anything.
  • I have a doggo called Jared one cute little fella. Hes a Lagotto Romagnolo a Italian water dog. He was born in estoania. (Linked is the kennel he was born in, with pictures : https://www.karolegotto.com/jared.html
  • I like most stuff when it comes to movies or other stuff like that. Ask me about a movie, I might already have seen it. Music same same, I like almost everything, but new type rap like cardi b and stuff. Just please leave me out of it.