Happy new year & Survival Season 2


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Howdy everyone!

First and foremost, happy new year to everyone! Hope you all stayed safe and had a great holiday. It is time to reset the Survival realm. This season, season one, has been running for approximately three months. Our main focus while working on this new season was making sure that we fixed all issues reported by the community along with adding a bunch of your suggestions. We hope that season two will bring flawless performance, and an amazing experience. We will be closing down the Survival realm starting from today and will release Season Two on Friday Jan. 29th at 1PM EST. A download link for Season 1 main world can be found at the bottom of this post.

You can be one of the two lucky players to win the VIP rank. All you have to do is reply to this thread with your Minecraft username. The winners will be chosen on January 29th before release. If you already have the VIP rank or above you will not be chosen as a winner.

The biggest change coming to Survival is going to be the economy. We have had unprecedented amounts of wealth and an ever-increasing balance gap that has put strain on the realm's economy balance. The new economy will be aimed at making the realm less OP and more challenging. We have also fixed several bugs and improved the overall quality of the realm. There are extensions of Spawn too, adding new areas such as a server shop and much more! Underneath is a few of the changes coming to the season, the rest will be posted in the #changelog channel on our Discord on release, keep an eye out!

Upcoming changes:
  • Full server reset
  • New daily event: Fishing Pond
  • New daily event: Pinata
  • Custom terrain main world
  • New levels and prestige system
  • New Daily Rewards system
  • New Slimefun expansions
  • New economy & mob drops
  • New ingame Coin store
  • New Custom mobs
  • New Dungeons system
  • Added Mob, Items and Spawner Stacking
  • Added Server Shop
  • New areas in Spawn including new parkour
  • New /chatcolor system
  • New /glow system
  • New 3 crates (Names to be revealed)
  • New temporary XP booster system (Jobs & mcMMO)
  • New Fly system
  • New money and inventory bank system
  • Removed Jetpacks
  • Removed Graves
  • Replaced current skills system with mcMMO
  • and a lot more..
Season 1 World Download: http://bit.ly/tbsurvseason1

We are extremely excited for this release and know you guys will feel the same way! See you on Survival at 1PM EST on Saturday January 29th!
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