Farming items in minecraft


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Farming items is a part of vanilla minecraft, and unlike bugs and glitches they are meant to be in the game. When you spend hours building an efficient farm, it feels good to see it in action. when you spend hours building and an almost equal amount of hours transporting mobs, it feels really good seeing the farm work. The feeling of having that farm disabled just because the server owner doesn't like it sucks. on the last server, both my town and sunny shores had an iron golem farm, so when we joined together this server I wanted to build a bigger and better one.

Sorch knew that we were going to build an iron farm as we had them last server, to not give us any warning and just make that farm completely useless is just bad. If we had been warned about it at the beginning of the server that would have changed what we spent our time on. Instead that was what we spent our time on and now that time is lost completely wasted just because the one we built was a little bit too strong.

Do we now have to ask for permission before we build farms to make sure they aren't too op? Hey I was about to build a gold farm but because I cant do that now I was going to automate melons, pumpkins, sugarcane, and cactus. Are those fine to automate or are you going to make it so that we only get the drops if they are harvested by hand?

Is my way of playing the game wrong? I like to make large automated farms, and a load of iron is required for each and every one of those. I hate strip mining I hate caving so the only way I get iron is by these farms. I like to build farms and I like to build large structures I don't want to have to mine for all my resources when there exists a way to automate it. The first thing I do whenever I play VANILLA minecraft is make an iron farm. Iron farms are acknowledged by the devs in fact they even made them easier to make in 1.16 compared to 1.15. and if they don't drop gold is there even a point in zombie piglins existing. they aren't hostile by default so as long as you don't attack them they are passive and there isn't even a point in risking killing them if they don't drop gold. you already disabled being able to build on the roof of the nether so any nether based farms would require a massive amount of effort clearing out land with a massive time investment instead the drops are just disabled now

If the players are told at the beginning of the server to feel free to build farms for items we should be able to build them without fear of the drops getting disabled. If I went through the effort of making a zoglin farm that was really efficient, it produces stupid amounts of leather. would the leather drops on them now be disabled. If I made a wither skeleton farm for the skulls and had a ton of bones and coal as a byproduct would those drops be disabled as well. Are guardians now not going to drop fish now that we have a guardian farm. are blazes and guardians our 2 main sources of xp now not going to drop any because we get it too fast. when can we the players feel safe putting a combined 20+ hours into a farm to automate something without it getting disabled.

Please don't prevent your players from playing the game how they want to just because its not how you would play the game. We did not use any bugs or glitches and only built a farm that the devs have acknowledged and made easier to build, but now everyone in our town has a sour taste in our mouths because we cant play the game how we want to anymore.


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It feels even worse to know how your players are going to react to the change before it happens and still pull through with the decision that was easily the worst choice. Nothing has happened with it so far but I feel foolish investing the time to make a guardian farm because who knows what the future will hold for them now. I don't have that safety net of knowing my drops won't be disabled too.


Yeah, farms are an integral part of the game. I really hope we can convince him to enable iron and gold farming. It's not been much issue other games I've played, and farms are some people's whole play motivation :/