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  1. DoomGamerHam

    DECLINED Chair

    I found a good sitting plugin, can we add it please :D
  2. DoomGamerHam

    DECLINED Chunk loaders

    a very expensive block that would keep a chunk loaded no matter what
  3. DoomGamerHam

    ACCEPTED toggle PvP

    Allow players to toggle the ability to pvp in the wild, by default it should be off but if a player does /pvp toggle or /toggle pvp they would be put in pvp mode which allowed them to attack other people with pvp toggled on and get hit by people with pvp toggle on
  4. DoomGamerHam

    DECLINED dynmap

    can we not use this bluemap, it seems slow and i can't see what's wrong with dynmap.
  5. DoomGamerHam

    DECLINED Chunk Hopper

    look up in slimefun infused hopper, this already exists
  6. DoomGamerHam

    Count to 100

  7. DoomGamerHam

    Count to 100

  8. DoomGamerHam

    ACCEPTED Possible Addons for Slime Fun

    Exotic Garden would be nice too: GitHub - TheBusyBiscuit/ExoticGarden: A Slimefun 4 Addon that adds new plants and various new food items
  9. DoomGamerHam

    ACCEPTED Lower the time for interest.

    the bank isnt supposed to be for interest, its supposed to protect your money. interest is just a nice bonus
  10. DoomGamerHam

    **BUG** ender dragon takes knockback

    ik i just want it in writing, thats just who i am :P
  11. DoomGamerHam

    **BUG** ender dragon takes knockback

    the dragon shouldn't but does and when it perches and someone hits it with a sword, when it unperches it gets yeeted to the outer islands
  12. DoomGamerHam

    DECLINED Resource Pack

    From what i know, the custom mobs are disabled, so can we disable the NEED for the custom pack, still give the "hey wanna download this" but dont kick people for not enabling it till custom mobs are enabled again
  13. DoomGamerHam

    Imagine not having prot 9 netherite B)

    Imagine not having prot 9 netherite B)
  14. DoomGamerHam


    best part, war is already built into the lands plugin, they just need to enable it
  15. DoomGamerHam

    DECLINED Mob Drops

    they won't nerf drops, only what you sell them for
  16. DoomGamerHam

    ACCEPTED Axe pvp

    who hates legend? and i hate axe pvp
  17. DoomGamerHam

    ACCEPTED Nerf jobs point shop

    nah its completely fair and balanced in every way :D I dont know what you are talking about, just because i got all the slimefun research in a few hours due to it doesnt make it op :D
  18. DoomGamerHam

    DECLINED a command like /hat but for the other armor pieces

    for example doing /body would put something on ur chestplate slot, etc. idk how Minecraft would render that but it would be cool
  19. DoomGamerHam

    ACCEPTED remove stacking of certain mobs

    farming mobs (chickens cows sheep) are a pain to make a farm from them cus they always stack making breeding impossible. villagers are the same, you breed them too fast you lose about 5-6 villagers, sometimes more. keep hostiles stacking. ik this will come at the cost of something else but I'm...
  20. DoomGamerHam

    ACCEPTED Slimefun Addons

    There is an add on called extra armor which adds armor corresponding to the different metals, private storage, slimefun ore chunks, dyed backpacks, etc. check you can also make your own if you find some documentation