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    Count to 100

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    I agree I think this could be cool, both lands would have to agree to the war of course and it could be kill on sight in the wilderness and you take peoples gear when you kill them
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    ACCEPTED Jobs Shop Prices

    Imo I think 500 for 2stacks would be fair and balanced.
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    Hey people

    I’m Scott. I live in Canada. I’m 17 I work at a Tim Hortons I’m still in high school. I like playing Cod and Nba2k I like building on minecraft I’m a Mod for tropebay I’ve watched avatar a couple of times but I’ve never played on a minecraft avatar server, so joining this network will be cool
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    DECLINED max build height increase

    I wanna make a castle in the sky but build height is low, so an increase of build height would be nice
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    AcidArmy... JOINS THE BATTLE!