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  1. TieSkyGuy


    hey tribal 🙃
  2. TieSkyGuy


    im good how r u?
  3. TieSkyGuy


    Woah I know youu! :O
  4. TieSkyGuy

    Your Avatar Craft Plans?

    Do you have any plans on what you are going to do with the brand new reset of the world? 🤔 The reset allows us to work with a blank slate so what will you do first?
  5. TieSkyGuy

    sup shorties

    rip, doesn't apply to me :/
  6. TieSkyGuy

    Hey wass good

    Nice to meet you 2 :)
  7. TieSkyGuy

    Fire Nation Creative Builder Team

  8. TieSkyGuy

    Ayy welcome welcome

    Ayy welcome welcome
  9. TieSkyGuy

    I'm just gonna leave this here

    Ayyy I think I know you :D
  10. TieSkyGuy

    Well met, everyone.

    I think I know you from somewhere.. :O
  11. TieSkyGuy

    Day 2 on the forum 😬

    Day 2 on the forum 😬
  12. TieSkyGuy


    Ayy I know youu!! 🙃
  13. TieSkyGuy


    Hmmm, you look like someone I know.
  14. TieSkyGuy

    Heyo! :D

    You look familiar.. 🤔
  15. TieSkyGuy


    I might be wrong but I think I know you from somewhere..
  16. TieSkyGuy

    Does this update my status?

    Does this update my status?
  17. TieSkyGuy

    Count to 100

  18. TieSkyGuy

    Hello There..

    Nice! 👌
  19. TieSkyGuy

    Ohio TropeBay Peoples

    Hey there! I'm TieSkyGuy from Avatar Craft and now Trope Bay 🌴 You can find me in-game on the Minecraft Avatar Server with my username "TieSkyGuy". In the server while writing this so 11/21/2020 I am 🔥 Fire Prince🔥 of the 🔥Fire Nation🔥 and Mod Trainee. I really enjoy the server and looking...