It is not possible for us in the staff team to list every single rule that you can break on the server, so we are kindly asking you to use common sense when playing on our servers. If you come across something that you know isn't allowed but it isn't listed in the rules, do not try it out.

We do believe in second chances, so if you think that you have been unfairly punished or think that you have learned from your past mistakes, you may appeal your punishment here:

Feel like a staff member has abused their powers by punishing someone wrongly or taken advantage of their commands, report here:

[G1] Cheating
Cheating is the getting of a reward for ability or finding an easy way out of an unpleasant situation by dishonest means. It is generally used for the breaking of rules to gain unfair advantage in a competitive situation.

[G2] Hacking
Hacking encompasses client-side mods or tools which would give a player an advantage over the general player base. These mods/tools include macros, x-ray, PVP beneficial mods (kill aura, spam click, etc.), auto clickers, and any mods/tools that staff would deem game-breaking.

[G3] Exploiting / Abusing Bugs
Bugs are rampant throughout plugins and are constantly being fixed by the staff. Some of these bugs which are included in plugins cannot be fixed by us. A few instances of bugs that should be noted are as follow any method of item duplication, any bypass of a staff protected area (ie. barrier blocks have a hole, report it, don’t explore.), modifications to player stats that bypass locked permissions (adding health, speed, flying). These are just a few major instances of bugs in Minecraft and there are many more. If you encounter a bug, whether it is fixable or not, report it to the staff immediately. Do not abuse the bug, do not hide the bug. Any individual abusing, hiding, or attempting to abuse a bug will be banned for a specified duration.
All bugs should be reported here:

[G4] Alt Accounts
Alternate accounts are not allowed, as they give that player unfair advantages in many aspects of the game, and can be used to bypass mutes, bans, and jails. Sharing the same IP with a friend or sibling is fine.
Any players which log 5 or more accounts under a single IP address onto the server (applies to both online and offline accounts on the IP) will receive a no questions permanent IP ban.

[G5] Hate Speech
This includes any type of racism or homophobia. Casual slang such as ‘gay’ will not be punished for unless clearly being used to offend or attack. The severity of the hate speech can determine a longer punishment length

[G6] Harassment
Intentional harassment or attacks of another player.

[G7] Advertisement
Advertising is linking other server IP's in hopes of gaining players for that server, we do not tolerate this behavior, sending links to sites linked to the forum is alright as well as major mini-game server

[G8] Chat/Command Spam
Repeating the same command (for example /tpa) or message in chat multiple times.

[G9] English in the main chat
The main chat should always be kept in English if you want to speak other languages, you may do so via PM, Town or Nation chat.

[G10] Threats
Anything containing a direct serious threat to someone’s safety, wellbeing or privacy can be classified as death / DDoS / dox/swat threats.

[G11] Inappropriate Name
A name that doesn't follow any of our rules, such anything racist or a name that contains swearing words.

[G12] Inappropriate Skin
Having a skin that’s breaking our rules such as skins that feature nudity or offensive language.

[G13] Hackusating
This is when a player is accusing another player of hacking in public chat instead of reporting it.

[G14] Disapproved mods
The following modifications are not allowed to be used on the server and if used punishments and a warning will be issued. This is not an exhaustive list of all mods that are/aren't allowed.

[G15] General rudeness
When typing in the chat you have to be respectful at all times to each other, if you are joking with a friend, keep that in private messages and not the main chat.

[G16] Rioting
Rioting in the chat is simply not allowed if it is about a feature that you don't like or a player you think was wrongfully punished, post a thread on the forums in the right category.

[G17] Swearing & Filter bypassing
Swearing is allowed on the server up to a certain degree, staff decides this when in-game. We do have a filter to prevent certain words from being said, so bypassing this will result in a punishment.

[G18] Death Wishes
This is something that we take extremely seriously, you are not allowed to talk about suicide or simply wish for someone to die.

Full list here:

[S1] Griefing
You may not alter any buildings, plots, or town that does not belong to you without consent. You can not under any circumstances grief another player, this goes for wilderness as well. However, you can loot from unclaimed chests that aren't within a 3 chunk radius from a claimed area. These areas are considered as wilderness.

[S2] Traps
Any traps on the server with the intention to harm and/or kill another player violates this rule. You may not have:

  • Any Redstone device that once activated, harms a player
  • A town spawn that does not allow for safe entry/exit
  • Large holes that are not properly secured
The only exception is if you have multiple clearly labeled signs about the trap.

[S3] Trespassing
Trespassing is the act of entering private property without permission. The plot must have no access to standard permissions unless otherwise stated by signs. Alternatively, a player can be asked to leave and if they don't, it's considered trespassing. To prevent trespassing, one can toggle their town to private or close off their plot with all perms off. Illegal grinder usage also falls under trespassing. The grinder must be closed off and have clearly posted signs stating who is or isn’t allowed to use the grinder. If the grinder is open and no signs are placed, then it will not be considered trespassing until they are asked to leave. If you do not want certain people to enter your town, you can ban them using /lands ban.

[S4] Must have Town rules
You must have rules clearly written at your /land spawn and the actions you take upon violating these rules. You must have evidence that they committed the infraction.

On top ofrules, you must also state the tax for each type of plot in your town (if they differ IE: plot tax, embassy tax, shop tax, etc).

If you want to change the rules or taxes, you must allow a 7 day grace period before enforcing either.

[S5] Kicking residents
Before kicking a resident from your town, an adequate warning must be given depending on the circumstance. NOTE: In all cases, you may take their plot but you must hold their items for a minimum of 7 days.

  • Inactivity - If a player is inactive for 14 days or more, then no warning is necessary.
  • For general removal (No rule violations) - If a player has committed no violation of server rules or your town’s rules, then a 7-day warning is necessary with either a /mail or a sign on their plot before eviction.
  • Players with a temporary ban - If a player has a temp ban, then you must give them a 5-day warning after their ban has expired. The warning can be done with /mail or a sign on their plot.
  • Players violating the town’s rules - You MUST state the course of action you will take at your spawn.
[S6] Building near other towns
As a mayor/assistant you are welcome to grow and expand, however here are a few rules regarding settling and expanding:

  • You are not allowed to settle or expand within 3 plots/chunks of another town without the approval of the mayor of the town you want to expand near. This includes outposts.
  • You must have consent to surround another town on 3 sides or more (even if you are abiding by the 3 plot rule)
  • You are not allowed to intentionally devalue a nearby town by creating giant walls or obscene plots.
[S7] Scamming/Stealing
Making any sort of trade where one person doesn’t give the promised item/service etc.

This also applies to join a player's town with the intent of stealing items or purposely kicking a player from your town with the intent of killing them for their items.

[S8] TPA Killing
Tricking players into teleporting to you, which ends up being a trap to kill them is unfair, and is not allowed.

[S9] Inappropriate Builds
Keep all builds appropriate, racist symbols and statues that represent something inappropriate are simply not allowed. Keep that in mind whilst building.

[S10] Killing other players
As there is no PvP on the server, you are not allowed to kill other players intentionally with lava, water buckets, and traps.

[S11] No 0 tick farms
All forms of 0 tick farms are banned on the server.

[S12] No AFK Machines
There is an AFK kick timer that, once the player has idled into, begins a 10-minute countdown until it kicks you from the server. Avoiding this timer using a client-side mod, an altered client, a macro of any kind, or any other method which would avoid the AFK timer with intent to make income, farm items, farm plants, or any sort of grinding is not allowed.

No offensive / NSFW content
Posting offensive or NSFW content on the forums is not allowed. If you feel your post may offend someone, do not post it. This includes excessive rude language, inappropriate content or offensive language.

Post in the correct section
There are sections for each realm on the forums. Be sure to post anything related to a specific realm in the correct section.

Use the formats provided
When posting staff applications, player/staff reports or ban appeals, be sure to read the requirements and use the format that is provided.

Do not discuss hacks, leaks or glitches on the network
The forums are not the place for this, it should instead be discussed with a staff member.

Respect all players
This includes staff members. Treat others with kindness and respect like they would do to you.

No Spamming
This includes text walls, zalgo text, duplicate text, or any other form of it (also tagging a player for no reason).

No Advertising
Advertising other discord servers, items worth in real-life currency, or posting sketchy/dangerous links are forbidden.

Tag of Staff
Only tag the @Staff rank when necessary.

Please do not post links, images, anything we may find to be NSFW content.

Appropriate name
Keep your name appropriate. If your username contains material we find to be inappropriate, we'll ask you to change it before issuing a ban. You can rejoin the server once you've changed it. If it happens twice, you won't be unbanned.

Appropriate songs
Keep songs appropriate. We do allow you to play songs that can contain a few swear words in it, but if racial slurs, sexual topics, or frequent use of swear words are in the song, you shouldn't play it.

Use correct channels
Make sure to always use the correct channels for the correct topics, for example, memes are only allowed in #memes.

Item Return Policy
In the case of items going missing, disappearing, being lost or deleted:

Items will not be returned if they are lost due to player mistakes. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Legitimate or accidental player death
  • Accidentally misplacing/losing item
  • Accidentally destroying item (by means of void, lava and so on)
If an item is lost due to a server mistake, it may be eligible for return

In order for any item to be returned, there must be sufficient evidence of the item existing and going missing/disappearing / being deleted. This evidence may either come from our internal systems, or in the form of screenshots/video recordings taken by the player. Without evidence, no items will be returned.