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  • This makes my heart full <3
    I had Subway for the first time in months today...
    I remember why I stayed away before this pandemic.. #sadboihours
    My brain when someone asks for help with SlimeFun:
    Omg I am so excited for the Saturday Fun Event! All the Champion and Build Event submissions have been reviewed and finalized! All this commotion is so cool! Thank you all for making the server so great! ❤

    Happy Easter everyone! <3
    Anyone else just hear tornado sirens constantly in their head? Because same.
    Please vote on who should choose the theme for the #BuildingCompetitions. Last time I did a poll 2 people voted 😢 However, I wouldn't listen to anything I have to say either.
    Worst Staff Member <3 :D
    Please follow me on forums :cry: I want to be Sorchy famous 💁‍♀️:LOL:
    Yo, is anyone else just really tired? Cause I am :cry::sleep:
    Do you even game bro?
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