Happy new year & Survival Season 2

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Howdy everyone!

First and foremost, happy new year to everyone! Hope you all stayed safe and had a great holiday. It is time to reset the Survival realm. This season, season one, has been running for approximately three months. Our main focus while working on this new season was making sure that we fixed all issues reported by the community along with adding a bunch of your suggestions. We hope that season two will bring flawless performance, and an amazing experience. We will be closing down the Survival realm starting from today and will release Season Two on Friday Jan. 29th at 1PM EST. A download link for Season 1 main world can be found at the bottom of this post.

You can be one of the two lucky players to win the VIP rank. All you have to do is reply to this thread with your Minecraft username. The winners will be chosen on January 29th before release. If you already have the VIP rank or above you will not be chosen as a winner.

The biggest change coming to Survival is going to be the economy. We have had unprecedented amounts of wealth and an ever-increasing balance gap that has put strain on the realm's economy balance. The new economy will be aimed at making the realm less OP and more challenging. We...

NEWS We are finally back

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Hello everyone!
I am happy to say that after several weeks of downtime and hard work we are finally back! As you mentioned in the previous post, Tropebay has been in the process of merging with another Avatar community and giving Survival a major update.

Major Survival Update
A lot have been added, removed and tweaked. Including the introduction of Slimefun, rankups and The End. The first thing you will notice is the beautiful Christmas Spawn and brand new limited Chirstmas items added, which can be obtained in the advent calendar and Christmas crate. https://store.tropebay.com. There is a Full Changelog spoiler underneath, make sure to read everything as there are plenty of changes.

• New rules for Anti-AFK farms and machines. (Rule S12)
• Added Land upkeep, will cost $500 for per chunk every 48 hours.
• Added new Job system, with Job quests, shop, and more.
• Added Elytra and Dragon egg to Jobs shop.
• Added word unscrambler that starts at 15+ players.
• Added a brand new Autorankup system.
• Added Christmas Spawn.
• Added Slimefun and LiteXpansion.
• Added Santa hat and Santa emoji.
• Added limited Santa tools and Frost tools.
• Added Christmas crate.
• Added Advent calendar.
• Added Custom Enchantments.
• Added The End, have to be Level 2 to access.
• Added...

NEWS November is here

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Ahoy Pirates!
November is finally here and has a lot in store for us. Since server release back in October, everything has been going quite well and smoothly, with us gaining over 200 new players! Our Halloween celebration was fantastic, hoping a lot of you managed to pick up a few of the limited Halloween Items from crates and the auction house!

If you do come across errors and bugs, make sure to either report it here on the forums or open a ticket on our Discord.

New Skills ⚔
The first skill added is Endurance, where you just level up by walking around or running. The second skill added is Sorcery, where you have to cast spells in order to level up. The third skill added is Healing, where you gain XP by drinking and splashing different types of potions. Finally, the most requested skill was added which is Fighting, also known as Hunter, where you can XP from fighting mobs.

Regular Spawn

Now that all the pirate ghosts have left our Spawn, it has regenerated back to normal!

Daily Quests 📖
This plugin has been in the work for quite some time now and has finally reached the stage where we can use it on Tropebay. Every day there will be three new quests generated randomly. They will be the same for everyone, once you have completed a quest you get the reward shown on it and will have to wait until a new day before new rewards are generated. When you complete all three quests...

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