NEWS Valentine's Update

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Ahoy pirates!
The Valentine's update is finally here and it comes with loads of goodies! We do apologize for the several hours of downtime, however, there were important issues that had to be solved to ensure you have the best experience! In our next big update, we are hoping to bring Dungeons, as you've never seen! Stay tuned. 👀

I am also very delighted to announce our weekly Saturday event is starting from next Saturday (20th February)! First of all, what is Saturday Fun? Saturday fun is our weekly Saturday event that involves a bunch of different games, such as Spleef, Parkour, Labyrinth, and Storagehunt. During this event, you will have the opportunity to win unique prices, exclusive prices and spend some of your cash on Lockers.
Full thread here:
- Added Minecraft chat to Discord
- Added Valentine's Crate
- Added Slimefun Addons: Colored Ender Cheests & Dyed Backpacks
- Added new Media rank (Requirements can be found on the wiki)
- Added Cupid Wings
- Added Heart Breaker Pickaxe
- Added Cupid Hat
- Added Custom Texture for Crates
- Added Nitro Booster rewards: Icons, Nitro Booster Emoji & Daily Rewards (More to come)
- Added Nitro Booster emoji :nitroicon:
- Added Heart Trail particles
- Added Heart Spin particles
- Added Heart Arrow particles
- Added Pink Glow

- Changed spawn theme to Valentine
- Removed stacking fro...


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Hello everyone!
I am happy to say that after several weeks of downtime and hard work we are finally back with a Season 2! Was great to see all old and new faces hop on. Having already hit 100+ unique joins within the first 4 hours is just truly mind-blowing! This is just the beginning Tropebay, do expect to see a lot of new unique content in the near future, along with mass server growth. The new server is still in its early stages, so our main focus right now is to try and keep the server as bug-free and smooth as possible before focusing on adding new content such as Dungeons. Daily Changelogs can be found on our Discord.

🏆 Giveaway winner
Congratulations Potstickersz on winning the VIP rank.

- Added Flight system
- Added Pinata
- Added inventory and money bank
- Pressing F for lands management
- Added Custom Mobs
- Added /nick command
- Added server shop
- Added 41 new Custom enchants and Magical fixing dust.
- Added interaction visualizer
- Added sleep most
- Addeed stacked items, spawners and animals
- Added upgradable spawners
- Added Server tutorial NPC
- Added /xpbottle and /cashnote command
- Added XP Booster
- Added Goldcoins curreny and shop
- Added Daily Rewards
- Added Stats on top of ccreen
- Added RGB Colors to all ranks
- Added Coin Flip system
- Added brand new Player and Arrow...

Happy new year & Survival Season 2

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Howdy everyone!

First and foremost, happy new year to everyone! Hope you all stayed safe and had a great holiday. It is time to reset the Survival realm. This season, season one, has been running for approximately three months. Our main focus while working on this new season was making sure that we fixed all issues reported by the community along with adding a bunch of your suggestions. We hope that season two will bring flawless performance, and an amazing experience. We will be closing down the Survival realm starting from today and will release Season Two on Friday Jan. 29th at 1PM EST. A download link for Season 1 main world can be found at the bottom of this post.

You can be one of the two lucky players to win the VIP rank. All you have to do is reply to this thread with your Minecraft username. The winners will be chosen on January 29th before release. If you already have the VIP rank or above you will not be chosen as a winner.

The biggest change coming to Survival is going to be the economy. We have had unprecedented amounts of wealth and an ever-increasing balance gap that has put strain on the realm's economy balance. The new economy will be aimed at making the realm less OP and more challenging. We...

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