NEWS November is here

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Ahoy Pirates!
November is finally here and has a lot in store for us. Since server release back in October, everything has been going quite well and smoothly, with us gaining over 200 new players! Our Halloween celebration was fantastic, hoping a lot of you managed to pick up a few of the limited Halloween Items from crates and the auction house!

If you do come across errors and bugs, make sure to either report it here on the forums or open a ticket on our Discord.

New Skills ⚔
The first skill added is Endurance, where you just level up by walking around or running. The second skill added is Sorcery, where you have to cast spells in order to level up. The third skill added is Healing, where you gain XP by drinking and splashing different types of potions. Finally, the most requested skill was added which is Fighting, also known as Hunter, where you can XP from fighting mobs.

Regular Spawn

Now that all the pirate ghosts have left our Spawn, it has regenerated back to normal!

Daily Quests 📖
This plugin has been in the work for quite some time now and has finally reached the stage where we can use it on Tropebay. Every day there will be three new quests generated randomly. They will be the same for everyone, once you have completed a quest you get the reward shown on it and will have to wait until a new day before new rewards are generated. When you complete all three quests...

NEWS Server Release & Halloween Update

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Ahoy pirates!
I am glad to announce that the server was released on Friday. Was great to see all old and new faces hop on. Having already hit 120+ unique joins is just truly mind-blowing! This is just the beginning Tropebay, do expect to see a lot of new unique content in the near future, along with mass server growth. The server is still in its early stages, so our main focus right now is to try and keep the server as bug-free and smooth as possible before focusing on adding new content. Changelogs can be found on our Discord.

If you do come across errors and bugs, make sure to either report it here on the forums or open a ticket on our Discord.
Halloween Spawn 👻
Pirate ghosts have taken over our Spawn and completely turned it into a ghost island! Don't get spooked!

Halloween Crate 🎃
There has arrived a massive pumpkin in Spawn with the crates area, including a brand new Halloween Crate which will be available until November 1st. This crate includes limited items which you will only be able to get during this Halloween period, once gone you will have to wait until next years Halloween event. Check out crate here:!

Halloween sale have...

NEWS Release Date

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Ahoy pirates! There has been a lot of development done in the last couple of days and I am excited to announce that we finally have a release date for the server! The server will be released on October 16th Friday 3 PM EST! 🎊

(Old image of spawn)

Now, what type of server will this be and what can you expect?
This will be a Survival server running the latest Minecraft version 1.16.3. We will not be running the common Towny plugin, however, we will be running something quite similar with a familiar concept, plugin known as Lands. The reason why we picked to go with this one is mainly due to the unique features that it offers over the Towny plugin, constant updates, non-chunk-based sub-claims, GUI based which makes it easier to work with, and many more other features.

Our main focus will definitely be around 3D Models, resource packs, events, and custom unique features, trying to make the server feel like a mod pack whilst maintaining the standard Vanilla aspects of Minecraft. A lot of developers have been brought on board to fulfill your community suggestions and ideas for the future. Come with all suggestions here.

Don't want to give away too much, the rest will be definitely a surprise. Will, of course, be more sneak peeks from the server on our Discord...

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